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Q: When will I receive my cards?

A: Your order will be fulfilled within 1 hour or less after approval of the Merchant system. 
Most orders are fulfilled within 5-15 minutes, as fast as your email server can handle.
You can check to see the status of your orders.

Please Note : New users orders may be delayed until their verification is complete. Once this verification is completed the cards will be emailed to you. New user verifications happen 24/7.

Q: How will I receive my code?

A: Your code will be delivered to your email address / WhatsApp number. 
All codes will only work on the store associated with the country the card was purchased in. Ex: US iTunes Cards will only work at the US iTunes App Store. 
Before you can receive your card, we must have received payment and verified its legitimacy. This means the payment must be approved, if you pay through Card you may need to reply to a verification email from us before we can send your card.

Q: Can I buy an iTunes Gift Card and have it delivered to someone in another country?

A: Yes, when you buy a gift card/voucher from us we will email you the card and you can then forward that email to anyone you would like!

Q: Do I have to create an account with your website to get a game card?

A: Yes, all users create accounts, your account will be created as you go through the purchase process, this is not a separate step. Once you have created your account, you can then easily purchase again from us in the future : ).

About us :

Zaintech Technologies offers emailed Gaming Cards including: PlayStation Network Cards, iTunes Cards, and all different kinds of Gaming Cards!
This is a simple and easy process offered by where you can purchase your game gift card and the code will be emailed to you instantly.